December 22, 2021

M3UA seamlessly transports SS7 MTP3 user part signaling messages over IP using SCTP. M3UA-connected IP endpoints do not have to conform to standard. MTP 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA). Member of the SIGTRAN protocol family. XXX – add a brief M3UA description here. The following SIGTRAN protocols in this section: IUA. M2PA, MTP2 User Peer-to- Peer Adaptation Layer. M2UA, MTP2 User Adaptation Layer. M3UA, MTP3.

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Message Type The following list contains the message types for the defined messages.

Cannot support ISUP services. The M3UA header structure is as follows:. Chunk ID The type of information contained in the chunk value field.

Spare This field should be set to zero. The protocol consists of a common message header followed by parameters as defined by the message type. Allows for messages to be delivered in the order in which there were sent. The Selective ACK also contains zero or more fragment reports.


MTP 3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)

Otherwise the Verification tag is set ptotocol all 0’s. MTP3 routes from point code to point code. The following is the format of the SCTP header:. Needs the SCCP services.

Tech Stuff – SIGTRAN (SS7 over IP)

It uses two extra variable parameters: The supported version is 1. Defined by RFC The whole IP network is represented by a single point code that addresses the MGC at the network edge. Parameter length Parameter length indicates the size of the parameter in bytes.

It contains one or more error rpotocol. Number of Outbound Streams.

Please take the time profocol a busy life to ‘mail us’ at top of screenthe webmaster below or info-support at zytrax. M3UA format of variable-length parameters.

MTP3 routes the message back to the origination SP. It is a ‘glue’ layer and its functionality is not defined by the standards. The M2UA header structure is as follows: The supported version is 1 – Release 1.


The delivery mechanism supports:. The design of SCTP includes appropriate congestion avoidance behaviour and resistance to flooding and masquerade attacks. The primitives are described in Q. The Responder Cookie and the Unrecognized Parameter. Interested in more details about testing this protocol?

Message Classes and Types The following list contains the valid message classes:.

M3UA – The Wireshark Wiki

Legal and Privacy site by zytrax web-master at zytrax Page modified: The variable-length m3ha format is as follows:. SG is not an SS7 node and has no point code. SG is an SS7 node with a point code.

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