July 5, 2021

Page 1. Junkspace. Rem Koolhaas. October, Vol. , Obsolescence. (Spring, ), pp. Stable URL. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about. so “junkspace” came up in a discussion recently, I thought I knew what it was and proceded with my definition. After hearing myself speak.

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But in previous generations they used their technologies to create the greatest structures possible not the bare minimum needed for them to function as we do today. Junkspace is like being condemned to a perpetual Jacuzzi with millions of your best friends But formlessness is still form, the formless also a typology Modernization had a rational program: We can see that older civilizations built magnificent structures for their junkspac and many of them are still standing today hundreds of years later.

The subject is stripped of privacy in return for access to a credit nirvana.

A shortage of masters has not stopped a proliferation of masterpieces. Not canned laughter, but canned euphoria Or simply ripping on Calatrava. There was once a polemic about the straight line ; now the degree angle has become one among many.

It creates communities not of shared interest or free association, but of identical statistics and unavoidable demographics, an oportunistic weave of vested interests.

But model itself is a proliferating concept. So the epithet sticks. We look forward to seeing you from January 2. Jul 17, 12 To accommodate a nether world of manual labor, the concourse suddenly turns into cashbah: I like Carl’s description of it as a tendency rather than a product, as I think Rem is implying a condition that exists in ‘designed’ architecture as well as what gets frequently refer to as un-designed.


Entire mountains are dismembered to provide ever greater quantities of authenticitysuspended on precarious brackets, polished to a blinding state of flash that makes the intended realism instantly elusive. It exposes what previous generations kept under wraps: Huge and full of absenceJunkspace follows no rules; it has no inherent order, and no connections between its parts.

Brands in junkspace perform the same role as black holes in the universe: The plan is a radar screen where individual pulses survive for unpredictable periods of time in a Bachanalian free-for-all Railway stations unfold like iron butterflies, airports glisten like cyclopic dewdrops, bridges span often neglible banks like grotesquely enlarged versions of the harp.

The floor is a patchwork: Instead, as you say, we get manifestos, taxonomies, and intellectual snake oil instead of serious thinking about the theoretic bases of architecture.

Junkspace is often described as a space of flowsbut that is a misnomer; flows depend on disciplined movement, bodies that cohere. The problem with the belief set of modernists is that they exclude the inevitability of beliefs from that. Spring,pp. Outside, between the casinos, fountains project entire Stalinist buildings of liquid, ejaculated in a split-second, hovering momentarily, then withdrawn with an amnesiac competency Like the deactivated virus in an innoculation, Modern architecture remains essential, but only in its most sterile manifestation, High Tech it seemed so dead only a decade ago!

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

Impure, tortured and complex, they exist only because they were never consciously plotted. Ethos over Junksace Style Extra Extra: Doctor of Design Cheap architecture universities I’m thinking of making a shipping container house. What happens when the culture is specifically trying to make a modernist gesture, but junjspace an inherent non-virtuous tendency, a consumerist, non-elitist disease inadvertently produces junkspace. If anything my disagreements are more reason than, for paying attention.


Can the bland be amplified?

koolhaas’ Junkspace | Forum | Archinect

Junkspace does not inspire loyalty in its cleaners Are developers not intentional? Who do you think you are? He doesn’t deserve any serious thought at all”. From January 7 it will be open as usual. Both domains contribute to the capability for anticipation. So it’s the holy bullshit that must be the core of future architectural theory.

Rem Koolhaas. Junkspace

If architecture means the creation of meaningful buildings and spaces, junkspace would be those buildings and spaces that contain no architectural qualities – or human for junksoace matter.

Say an airport needs more space. I took Junkspace to be the product of the tendency of consumerism towards the aformal. Junkspace is draining and is drained in return.

The Golden Calf’s shit is holy. Junkspace is sealed, held together not by structure, but by skin, like a bubble. Jul 16, 12 9: Unable to find my original copy, I Googled this text:

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