July 13, 2021

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The Intervew Engine The process engine is the one responsible for actually executing our business processes. The problem with the solution above is that whenever you load a Category, two SQL statements are actually being run one for the Category and one for the list of associated Products.

iBATIS Tutorial

You have freedom to write your own queries and easy to maintain. Note SimpleDataSource is quite convenient, efficient and effective. We can retrive the data the way we want. As with parameter classes, the result class must be a JavaBean or Map instance iJavaor a property object or IDictionary instance. What is different between Hibernate and iBatis?

What is different between Hibernate and iBatis?

One can define custom work item handlers to create a user-defined task which can be used as a component later intsrview for other workflows. Reducing the maximum number of concurrent sessions can reduce the overall memory footprint. The illustration depicts the BPMS core and its components. There are many openings for iBATIS jobs such as Java developer, Project lead, senior software engineer, lead software engineer etc all over India and many countries. DateTimemost SQL databases have more than one.


Or, you might want to use the result object to create some other, more useful object. Next to Mapped Statements, the Result Map is probably one of the most commonly used and most important features to understand. Have you ever lie on your resume? Threads beyond the set value will be blocked until another thread exits.

The dynamic element is optional and provides a way to manage a prepend in cases where the prepend e. The ConfigureAndWatch method monitors changes to the configuration files. The name can be used more than once depending on the number of times it is needed to populate the results.

Its role is to map the columns of a database query including a stored procedure to the properties of an object. It is better to use explicit transactions.

The results from a query Mapped Statement can be cached simply by specifying the cacheModel parameter in the statement tag seen above. For a select, you can select all or select by a key or keys. The process engine is the one responsible for actually executing our intevriew processes. The class attribute is optional but recommended. Batches Java only 4.

Java collections framework Interview Questions.

Top + iBATIS Interview Questions – Best iBATIS Interview Questions and Answers | Wisdom Jobs

And maybe a cherry on top? NET is used to explicitly specify the database column type of the parameter to be set by this property. In the case of the LRU cache, the size determines the number of entries to store in the cache. On a daily basis, most of your work will be with the Data Maps. What set of questiona is returned by Example xx depends on what columns are in the result set. You should place the ibatis Example 10 shows an example of generating the usual array of CRUD statements.


As your application grows, you may have several varieties of Data Map. This setting globally enables or disables all lazy loading for an SqlMapClient. An appender is a component that collects output e. The key to each entry is indicated by the keyProperty parameter. The class attribute is also required, and specifies a Type Alias or the fully qualified name of a class. Note SqlMap transactions use ThreadLocal store for storing transactional objects. If you prefer to use inline parameters see Sections 3.

Instead of running a SQL query or stored procedure, the framework will return the category object from it cache. NET Developer Guide 5. JAR Files and Dependencies 4. Rather than discuss the ScriptRunner in length, consider the following examples that shows how simple it is to use. Core Java Interview Questions. Some JDBC drivers e. Case sensitivity can also be an issue with implicit result maps. Both Update and Delete return the number of rows effected.

Likewise, some of your business objects may include another object or list of objects. The underlying schema is irrelevant. Here, a Map or HashTable. But, such a thing will never ever exists is java persistence world. However, the behavior is inconsistent, and some drivers need the exact type to be specified. For a complete list, see Section 3.

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