July 8, 2021

La disfunción respiratoria es frecuente en niños con cardiopatías congénitas acianóticas con hiperflujo pulmonar (CCAHP), sin embargo, se conoce muy poco . Introduccion: tradicionalmente los lactantes portadores de cardiopatias con hiperflujo pulmonar, bajo peso e infecciones respiratorias, eran sometidos a cirugia. Hiperflujo e hipertensión venocapilar pulmonar. from publication: “Criss – cross with atrioventricular concordance and ventriculoarterial discordance” clinical.

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In some patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, Malbouisson et al. Julio de Aceptado: DeptulaThomas R.

Am Rev Respir Dis, ; Ryu J, Pellikka P, et al. GanushchakKoen D. There were no indices of oxygenator failure noted within the time frame of support. Becattini, Vedovasti, et al.

Several reasons hinder the in vivo investigation of the structure and function of the respiratory system in this age group, including the availability of few accurate non-invasive methods, incapacity of patients to cooperate with exams such as spirometry, the need of sedation to perform exams in small children, and the low incidence of this group of disorders in the general population. Due to the increase in circulating blood inside the lungs and consequent increase in the caliber of the pulmonary vessels secondary to pulmonary hyper-flow, an increase in non-aerated pulmonary parenchyma is expected, since voxels that characterize blood, liquid elements, and vascular structures have a CT coefficient close to zero.

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The patient had a successful support run without complications related to cardiopulmonary support. This papcr prcscnts a literature review that clarifies the management and treatment in a paticnt with pulmonary thromboembolism. Modified ultrafiltration postextracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The pathophysiological changes depend on the size of the shunt frequently causing respiratory complications related to interstitial-alveolar edema.

All CT scans were done without intercurrences. The pulmonary volume was computed adding the total number of voxels elemental hiperf,ujo unit of computed tomography whose dimensions were known in all areas of pulmonary delineation in different contiguous images.


Those results are similar to those observed in other pulmohar of patients and they are justified by the position of mediastinal structures that are located, mainly, in the left hemithorax. Bryan Terry 2 Estimated H-index: In children with acyanotic congenital hipervlujo the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus remain patent, or the defects in the interatrial septum, interventricular septum, or atrioventricular septum are not closed perpetuating the fetal circulation described 3,8.

Hemodynamic effeets of fluid loading in acute massive pulmonary embolism.

On the second step, total volume, air volume, and tissue volume, and the weight of the pulmonary parenchyma of a specific hioerflujo of interest were computed by adding the respective volume and weight of the compartments analyzed in the different areas of interest.

The right panel of figure 4 shows that the fraction of pulmonary parenchyma classified according to the degree of aeration in relation to the total weight of the parenchyma are compared between the right and left lungs. En pocas palabras el paciente presenta signos de falla cardiaca derecha e hi;erflujo respiratoria. Using this analysis, it is possible to compute the volume of air and tissue present in the lung.

Exercise performance is unaffected by age at repair. En pacientes pulmonzr falla cardiaca: This compartment of the pulmonary parenchyma is probably increased due to interstitial edema and increase in the volume of blood in pulmonary capillaries, but maintaining the aeration of lulmonar alveoli and small airways.

How to cite this article. Parallel to the determination of the volumes of air and pulmonary tissue, computed tomography allows the study of the pulmonary parenchyma as a function of the degree of aeration. Deptula Children’s Memorial Hospital.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Am Rev Resp Dis, ; Carson JL, et al.

Prevalence of Acule pulmonary embolism among paticnts in a general hospital and autopsy. In this analysis, the pulmonary parenchyma is classified according to the CT coefficient in: Since patients were unable to follow commands for apnea, the test was done during spontaneous breathing after the children get used to the environment.


Continuous axial images were reconstructed from the volumetric data using the reconstruction algorithm of the CT equipment, with 5-mm width. The mean weight of the pulmonary parenchyma was Since the weight of the patients varied the data on the volumes of pulmonary air and tissue and the weight of pulmonary compartments according to the degree of aeration were presented as a fraction of the total volume and weight, respectively.

A technique for performing antegrade selective cerebral perfusion without interruption of forward flow or cannula relocation for pediatric aortic arch reconstruction.

When tissue and air were considered as a fraction of the total lung volume, it was observed that they represented As mentioned before, studies investigating the pulmonary parenchyma of children without cardiorespiratory diseases with computed tomography are lacking; however, Vieira et al.

Hintz 38 Estimated H-index: Paired Student t test was used to compare left and right, and exponential regression was used for correlations. During transportation and the exam, patients were monitored with continuous cardioscopy, pulse oximetry, and non-invasive blood pressure using a transport Philips M3 monitor Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands.


The diagnosis and treatment in thc window pcriod is extrcmely important, thc impact in reducing the fatality rate. Saddle pulmonary embolism diagnosed by CT: Tratamos al paciente exitosamente con uso de heparinas de bajo peso molecular enoxiparina 60 mg S. Resp Med ; La hipoxia es agravada por tres factores adicionales:

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