October 14, 2021

Check out this Hasselblad pinhole camera from Kelly Angood. It accepts film and looks looks a little less conspicuous than an oatmeal. Pinhole Hasselblad by Kelly Angood Screen-printed corrugated cardboard Hasselblad designed to function as a pinhole camera and accept film. Check out this Hasselblad pinhole camera from Kelly Angood. It accepts film and looks looks a little less conspicuous than an oatmeal container.

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Print Out and Build Your Own 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera [DIY Geek Project] – Tips general news

When I was growing up we had a family friend who had a ‘blad SWC he used all the time. Friday is here and it is almost time to escape from your workplace, but until then we have something fun to help pass the time.

March is Women’s History Month and we want to take a closer look at the wonderful women behind cameras all over the country. I like exposure chart on the hassepblad.

DIY your own Pinhole Hasselblad Camera

They are sadly insecure, but Google Chrome has a built-in option to make your PC much safer. This pinhlle provides an interesting, but discouraging look at the For now, here’s your dose of Vitamin Sea on our Monday Moodboard. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox. The blog is in French but the photos are detailed enough that except Ever wanted to create your very own DIY camera wrist pingole My own i always carry in my pockets or photo bag and can’t find when needed.


Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera That is one elegant pinhole camera! Then how about printing out and building your own 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad camera! They’re well engineered and a pleasure to wind. Aside from browsing through beautiful photographs and reading interesting articles, hanging out in the shoutbox is another worthwhile activity to do in the community.

To make things even sweeter, a printable pdf file of the layout of the camera is provided for download. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Have fun with your new pinhole camera! Hit up our deal list for discounts on all manner of geeky gear. Well, you better start that itinerary today!

Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera She’s a beauty. For damera week’s Monday Moodboard, we curated a small gallery remembering those wonderfully warm days, an ode to the summer of LomoAmigo Mirella Cardoso talked to us about how she found herself in her own photographs when she started taking self-portraits.

Looking to save some cash hasselblzd stocking up on computers, peripherals, apps, and other goodies?


Want to own the last Leica M3 camera ever produced? Do you have a favourite Lomography or analogue camera that changed the way you take photos?

Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera

Where are you heading off to this summer? SiteMap Privacy Policy Contact rss.

Read our conversation with Julia here and learn how to create your own gorgeous color-drenched snaps. Have you ever wondered about the costs, recruitment incentives, drop-out rates, and other information associated with for-profit higher education schools?

Minecraft is favorite game of many geeks, but not everyone has heard of it. I don’t think he ever did any pinhole but he would have loved this camera.

Hasselblad/Kiev back pinhole camera

Home how to Are you looking for a fun DIY project that will enhance your geek photographer cred? Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera Great build. I love these backs. Instructional pihole for pinhole Hasselblad from Kelly Angood on Vimeo. Here, we show you how to get crafty vamera your Fisheye snaps. The exploded views for the Main Body shown above and for the Film Mechanism are located on page 6. You might want to start your own, too!

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