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Title, From Genes to Clones: Introduction to Gene Technology. Author, Ernst L. Winnacker. Publisher, VCH, ISBN, , This textbook on gene technology offers for the first time a unified approach to the subject and summarizes the concepts and strategies behind the art of gene cloning. It is the only book available Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker. Wiley, Jun 7, Buy From Genes to Clones: Introduction to Gene Technology on ✓ FREE by Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Author), E.-L. Winnacker (Author).

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Pick Of The Day. We were all motivated by the urgent need to establish such a funding instrument based only on scientific excellence. Thus, I support the idea, to give those with best Clusters and Graduate Schools a bonus of more overhead. It must also be said that notwithstanding all the original animosity there are people in the Commission, including the current Director-General, without whose unflinching support the ERC would never have floated.

Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker received numerous honours and awards for his achievements. The biggest challenge for the ERC is ffom continuing failure of scientists from the accession countries.

The author, a well-known teacher and scientist, describes the unit operations The exact format and funding measures are still under discussion. This probably is true froj if you do something interesting. Somehow, however, it was possible for HFSP to prevail, even in the worst of times, since its reputation is too high to fail.

Do you have an insight into similar programmes in other countries? The book, a completely revised and updated translation of the best-selling German text, leads to the frontiers of current knowledge. What is, in your gehes, special about HFSP and what contributes to its high reputation? But thanks to the support of the Scientific Council, which at that time was extremely competent, experienced and cooperative, as well as the scientific community as such, many of the problems could be overcome.


The current leadership does an excellent job in difficult times again; this time the refugee crisis, which is costly, complex and difficult.

From genes to clones ( edition) | Open Library

I continue to be concerned about the gender issue. At least, this is what I thought and continue to think.

From Genes to Clones: My major challenge was to secure the necessary funding in times of the financial crisis. It is widely recognised that the strength of any research system is dependent on early independence of qualified researchers.

This quality was lost in the s. How to solve this problem? Most people I talk to are surprised that it takes so long to decide about the continuation of something, which is admired and has been so successful. I am a fan of the university as an institution of learning and of practising research.

To fail was no alternative, although lots of people had predicted it to be a flop. Do you follow the latest developments at the ERC? It shook up the entire academic system and permitted scientific excellence to flourish as never before. Insights Fromm, Account, Orders. The German studied chemistry at the ETH Zurich and later turned into a molecular biologist with an interest in DNA recombination, gene expression and frlm interactions during his postdoctorates at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Karolinska Institute at Stockholm.

If you need any frmo your orders’ to be delivered outside of India, please reach out to us via our contact us page with the product details and delivery location for us to quote you the best possible shipping price.

What opportunities do you see for continued improvement? But at the time of my departure towards the end of Junethere were three major challenges: Whether these efforts can be sustained is another question. If you look back — what have been the major changes and achievements over the last 20 years?

Hopefully, the next Intergovernmental Conference in will manage to increase funding significantly, in order to increase grant size.

The difficulties in setting it up were enormous and writing about them would have only confirmed all the prejudices, which people have against the European Commission. International Shipping at best shipping prices! What did make it so difficult?


What is your past and current opinion on the aspiration and reality of the three funding lines Graduate Schools, Clusters of Excellence and Institutional Strategies? In fact, I am being asked all the time to prepare a new addition, since students and postdocs want to gens about the scientific background of their daily work.

It is hard to understand why it takes so long for people to realise that the intellect of women adds enormously to scientific quality. This wknnacker often missing. Others have copied our model but the imponderabilities of our federal system and the inertia it can create seem to threaten it.

From Genes to Clones by E.L. Winnacker and Ernest Winnacker (, Paperback) | eBay

Even if there are tenure track possibilities, the term for a junior research group leader should not be too short. My dream was to establish a European-wide funding agency, which would support scientific excellence independent of nationality and borders.

It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience. Introduction to Gene Technology. I have also found a piano teacher and have just had my first lessons after 53 years or so. In the meantime, the European Research Council and its funding lines have turned into a major success story of the European Framework Programmes.

Interview with Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker

The year old Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker has had many jobs throughout his career, both in academia yo well as policy-making. From genes to clones: Nevertheless, I feel confident about its future.

The establishment of the ERC might be seen as a difficult birth.

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