October 14, 2021

The first video cassette recorders were promoted in the s as an extension of broadcast television technology–a time-shifting device, a way to tape TV shows. From Betamax to Blockbuster: video stores and the invention of movies on video, by Joshua M. Greenberg, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, Early advertising for Sony’s Betamax told potential purchasers “You don’t have to miss In From Betamax to Blockbuster, Joshua Greenberg explains how the.

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Apr 15, Vanessa rated it did not like it Shelves: Excellent STS approach to the evolution of “movies on video. Epepple rated it really liked it Jun 24, I hate abandoning a book — it is something that took someone considerable time, energy, and knowledge to put together. The first video cassette recorders were promoted in the s as an extension of broadcast television technology–a time-shifting device, a way to tape TV shows. Arguing that the retail space is a physical manifestation of a technological frame, chapter 4 analyzes the spatial layout of the newly established video store.

Brian Baynes is currently reading it Dec 26, blockuster Instead, he focuses on the soft areas between the two: The Best Metal of As such, its style and format is likely to be off-putting to a wide readership. Mike rated it it was amazing Feb 17, The narrative he traces provides a compelling, relevant, and often amusing precursor to technologies such as the DVD or harddisk enabled digital television, which are so central to the mediascape we currently inhabit.

From Betamax to Blockbuster: Video Stores and the Invention of Movies on Video

There is no inherent reason that we should treat somebody watching a television set differently from somebody watching a hammer or a fork, but we do, because in the former case we come to our observation with the a pri- ori knowledge that the television brings blockbusrer to the user from some distant sender.

Daniel Carson marked it as to-read Jan 13, Christofer added it May 23, With the found- ing of the Moral Majority inissues of morality and decency were thrust to the foreground of American culture, and video stores were no exception.


The Canonical History of the VCR The history of the VCR as a technology is surprisingly hlockbuster to pin down, in no small part because it has lived at least three distinct and often overlapping lives. Eddie marked it as to-read Apr 14, He includes interviews with consumers, distributors, and retailers throughout to provide color.

Pnpnpn added it Sep 04, James Mahoney rated it it was amazing Mar 26, They probably stocked Betamax.

Inwhen Sony framed the first Betamax solely as a time-shifting device, none of this was supposed to happen. No trivia or quizzes yet.

In the bloclbuster, electronics giant Sony released the Betamax video cassette recorder to the American market. Greenberg’s writing is clear and easy to understand with only the occasional foray into heavy theory.

From Betamax to Blockbuster | Josh Greenberg –

Apr 25, Dave rated it really liked it. Early owners, seeking personal copies of movies or series not broadcast in their area, would travel, VCR in tow, to a place in which the show could be received. It was these peer-to-peer networks which precipitated the transformation of b,ockbuster video recorder from the time-shifting device it was originally promoted as, to a machine for viewing prerecorded video cassettes.

Video Stores and the Invention of Movies on Video. Aggie marked it as to-read Mar 19, Thus, any technology can be constructed as a commu- nication technology—all it takes is a consensus among its users that infor- mation is being mediated. Once home video was established as tantamount to or at least as acceptable as the movie theater, the relationship of movies to the technology that mediated them was suddenly thrown in question.

Seth rated it liked it Nov 07, This leads to b,ockbuster interesting point with regard to the nature of media—a particular sort of use distinguishes media from other technologies, nothing more.

From Betamax to Blockbuster by Joshua M. Greenberg – PopMatters

As Greenberg notes in his blog, the text, the published write up of PhD research, was released as a trade publication rather than having been directed at a general audience.


Carrie marked it as to-read Jan 27, Joshua Greenberg explains how the combination of neighbourhood video stores and the VCR created a world in which movies became tangible consumer goods, betamaz a new industry and affecting the dynamics of motion picture production and consumption.

Skip to main content. We tend to think of media in terms set out over fifty years ago by Shannon and Weaver. Whether a storefront in a suburban strip mall or a below-ground space on a city street corner, you probably knew the owner by name, and he or she likely knew your taste in movies. Before video, the fact that movies were meant to be seen in theaters was unquestioned, and ancillary media like television were little more than necessary evils.

Goodreads blockbusted you keep track of books you want to read. Greenberg Limited preview – The impact of such technologically led adjustments to the integrity of the movie as a cultural artefact became increasingly important as studios began to realise the centrality of the home video market to their profit margins. According to Cowan, one can understand this history by exam- ining the options fo available to consumers and how those consumers ultimately spend their lbockbuster in effect choosing a technology.

Like an oral history, respondents, garnered from advertisements in trade magazines and through personal contacts, are encouraged to enter their bftamax narratives of involvement in the movie store scene. Seth rated it liked it Nov 19, The underlying theme running through both of these arguments, and the book as a whole, is the blodkbuster of mediation.

Jesse Baer marked it as to-read Feb 07,

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