January 4, 2022

Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. As I participated in a group study on Henry Blackaby’s book: Experiencing God, I not only discovered. When we read Blackaby’s words more than thirty years ago, we never imagined the Experiencing God family of Bible studies would become one of the most. I eventually put that material into the book Experiencing God: Knowing and Ten years after its release, more than three million copies of the workbook had.

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It will literaly grip you and make you want to put it down because there is no way to vod through it without being changed by it. This is not to say that it is without value. I had no God previously since ; and I was introduced to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism that came in after Gautama Siddhartha Buddhism which came down from the Primal Buddhism which there are no ancient writings just artifacts.

Storms may rage around you, but as long as you have God in your sight, you’ll stay the course. Could not His will have still been done if the outcome had been reversed?

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

There is so much to it, and I believe that this is one of those books that you can read and reread again and again and find unique information relevant to your life and various times. Feb 27, Jackie rated it it was ok Shelves: Blackaby says that, just like in the Old Testament, when God speaks today we will clearly know it is God.


They held I had no God previously since ; and I was introduced to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism that came in after Gautama Siddhartha Buddhism which came down from the Primal Buddhism which there are no ancient writings just artifacts.

Granted, sometimes gifts are used more than once, such as Joseph interpreting dreams. I am in favor of the authors’ approach towards obedience and seeking to study the Bible, but find their viewing themselves as examples of faith and obedience to be rather irritating, especially considering their frequent use of the NIV translation rather than the superior M-text and their frequent references to the fictive and unbiblical Trinity.

But if you are God-centered, your focus remains on Him alone. More importantly, only by following Christ as our example can we please God, and I believe that the only way to know how to be like Him is through careful and prayerful Bible study. Not from my entire life as much as from day to day.

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

His view remains unusual, though no longer unique. We broke each unit up into two weeks.

Oct 01, Charles Erlandson rated it liked it. Other than the Bible itself, which always always always has primacy as God’s word to humanity, this book has helped me the most in connecting with God in an intimate and personal relationship. wxperiencing

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook by Henry T. Blackaby

Each of the units ends with some notes and plenty of questions that come from a dvd that I did not have, which was a bit irksome. I found the book really inspiring and it helped me to draw closer to God as I read it. It is likely that Blackaby has experienced God differently from the way I have and many others I have observed have.

  GERBER 21-310 PDF

Thought-provoking examination of relating to God through the life of Abraham. It is interesting to think that God will only use us in certain ways, because those ways expwriencing founded on our current skill set.

This was done in a time in which I had to think of God as huge in order to have hope. Jul 06, Joshua rated it it was amazing.

Experiencing God Workbook (Chinese Edition)

I didn’t agree with everything in this book. It is an interesting thought, because where in the Bible does God ever really speak the same way twice? I’ve bought the day-by-day devotional book, it was so helpful, as I’d like to be eexperiencing every This is an excellent book.

Feb 20, Christen rated it liked it. The workbook is probably better because it is so engaging. PaperbackThird Edition, Revised and Expandedpages. These examples naturally led me to ask is this how God speaks to everybody? It can be said that the authors wish to deal with the subject of experiencing God My roommate gave me this book because he somehow ended up with more than one copy of it, which happens from time to time with books.

A concerned Christian’s review: Profound in my spiritual development.

This is when the emergent church as we know it today, all started.

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