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The Authorised Evochron Mercenaries’ Technical Manual. (or “How your equipment works”). Extended & Revised Third Edition created by DaveK (aka Incoming). Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also extremely useful, .. Evochron Mercenary (Mission – Protect Navy Ship From Vonari). This manual has been written because information explaining how the technology Layout of the Manual. frame sizes used by mercenaries in Evochron.

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While docked, fly around the central hangar pylon and use it for cover see the Defensive Tactics section above. The player is instructed to travel to the rings of Fauston, away from the nearby star, and to mercenafy in a Saber class frame for the next beacon to activate.

Most mercenaries who prefer the advantages of the Striker frame choose the Phoenix as the best version. You can approach at just about any speed you want even speeds overyour shield will protect you from serious damage when doing this approach. If an Excalibur is fired at you from behind at close range, engage the afterburner. The next beacon is placed on the surface near the Y coordinate I am t rying to work my way through the t utorials but they are BIG and You generally receive about one point of rank credit for every 10 hostile ships you destroy, one for every contract you successfully complete, one for every K of credits you acquire, then further adjustments are made based on other wealth factors and the ship you are currently flying.

A good reputation level generally means you won’t encounter hostile ships, unless you attack friendly ships. Evcohron game mxnual report to you when there is a change in your overall reputation in a manjal, which is a good time to save your mmercenary as it can take a lot of effort to make major changes to your overall reputation.


While not a particularly hostile system, the quest for survival does lead to several small scale conflicts. Locating and Returning Items Early in the game, few options can earn you credits as quickly as locating and returning items. Getting Started When you start the game, you will be placed next to the first beacon of the story quest involving Scott Gerret and his search for his brother who was a pilot onboard a battle carrier during the Arvoch Conflict.

The two planets in this system are also down for their bad weather and Sierra A in particular has extremely windy conditions making atmosphere descents much more challenging.

Once they complete the docking cycle and turn away from the docking area, have them rejoin the fleet. Pearl Pearl is a large system consisting of several planets and is the site of the Arvoch Conflict that took place a few years ago.

This is the one clue that doesn’t point directly to another beacon, but instead a wormhole to the area described as ‘the void. This does take some practice, but it works well if you’re trying to race another ship to a city or if you need atmosphere cover quickly.

There is some risk involved with this method as they may decide to jump away. Panning the mining beam will generally doubling the rate of recovering particles from asteroids. Expenses and Profit Saving credits and earning more is often achieved by a combining a series of strategies that involve everything from how to complete a task more effectively to ways of avoiding costly combat.

Such locations often offer advanced weapons and technology not commonly found in more populated systems. The fourth image shows a right roll.

PDf version of ingame manual? :: Evochron Legacy General Discussions

Five shield booster cells provide roughly five times the storage capacity. The next beacon is placed on the surface of the planet near the X coordinate on the permanent night side.

I have recently picked this up was wondering do ppl still play it. Their shields are extremely powerful and can usually deflect any incoming gunfire. Jan 28, 4: These arrays get covered in a film evpchron debris during open space manufacturing and during transport.


So avoid letting a player using the Excalibur to get in close, try to keep them at a distance of at least meters or more until they’ve exhausted the weapon, then move in for a closer counter-attack. It’s a peaceful setting for a system with a moderate level of conflict.

However, they do have several important advantages. Trade Market Level Map 5.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

Water is generally not too valuable, but is still worth some credits when it can be delivered without recycling or production procedures.

A successful test resulted in a jump to nearby Rucker where the next beacon is placed near the star in that system. In your game directory So an X value ofwould be near the far left edge of a sector cube on the map. It’s low economy makes it an unpopular trade stop for selling, but a common one for buying and refueling.

Evochron Mercenary FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC – GameFAQs

Turn off the IDS before you engage the jump drive, then leave it off until you need to slow down. However, the increased value for evocjron contracts simply help offset the higher cost of operations for using more fuel and weapons.

There is a moderate chance they will choose to dock with the station and reload. One of the most effective ways to advance early in the game is to locate hidden containers, which carry items stored by local factions for later retrieval and are continuously replenished.

If you do not see this effect, you’re not close enough to the asteroid.

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