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Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) and Outlands. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats – Chet Erez’s d20 Read more about bonus, feats, ranks, opponent, improved and combat. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum (Du ). More levels of wizard would really be a boon.

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It’s just I can’t decide her feats and the DM said I should do it before playing again. Armor Skin EL 50 Your skin becomes like armor. Improved Grapple PH 95 You are skilled at grappling opponents. Jester’s Magic CSW You are a skilled master of magical jests, capable of inciting audiences to laughter or lulling them to sleep. Improved Natural Attack ECS 55 One of a creature’s natural attacks is more dangerous than its type and size would otherwise indicate.

Chain Power XPH 44 You can manifest powers that arc to hit other targets in addition to the primary target. Deformity Clawed Hands BV 48 Because of intentional self-mutilation, the character has deformed arms and hands ending in sharp claws.

Chet Erez’s d20 Index Files

Cover Your Tracks ShS 20 You are good at masking your route, making it difficult for others to track you. Improved Multiattack EL 70 The creature is particularly adept at using all its natural weapons at fwats.

Darguun Mauler RE The memory of your people’s lost glory drives your brutal mastery of the weapons of Darguun. When epic, she’s gonna take Epic Skill Focus at the first chance and then she’s gonna stack Epic Dexterity feats. You understand how to wear that type of exotic armor properly. Devoted Performer CAd You have foregone the pursuit of frivolous musical talents, instead entering religious training in service of honor and justice.


Deft Strike CAd You can place attacks at weak points in your opponent’s defenses. Arcane Preparation TB 38 You can prepare an arcane spell ahead of time, just as a wizard does.

Draconic Flight CAr 77 The secret of draconic flight is revealed to you, granting you the ability to fly occasionally.

Unfortunately it’s hard for me to recall every single feat without looking at it again.

Deft Opportunist CAd You are prepared for the unexpected. Keen Strike EL 61 Your unarmed strikes become as sharp as blades. Improved Flight RW You have gained greater maneuverability when flying than you would normally have. Highborn Drow Rac You have learned how to tap into the advanced magical abilities of your drow noble heritage. Epic Toughness CW You are specially good at using one chosen feays of weapon.

Celestial Familiar BE 41 As long as you are able to acquire a new familiar, you may receive a celestial as a familiar. Acrobatic PH 89 You have excellent body awareness and coordination. Harem Trained Rac You have been trained to serve as a jhasin if male or jhasina if female and are well versed in song, music, dance, art, the recitation of great literature, the art of massage, and other duties of the harem.

Improved Turning PH 96 Your turning or rebuking attempts are more powerful than normal.


Brachiation MW 21 You move through trees like a monkey. Battlefield Inspiration MH 25 You inspire courage in your allies.

City Slicker RD Crystalkep are very familiar with city life and the inner workings of your hometown. Accurate Jaunt UA 92 You have an instinctive sense of interplanar travel. Arcane Manipulation LE 6 You are learned in the arcane ways of Netheril, where masters of magic once molded and shaped arcane energy to their own will.


Improved Cryetalkeep Planar Heritage PlH 40 Your ancestral tie to the Outer Planes manifests as an ability to deal damage with your natural attacks as if they matched the alignment of your ancestors.

Dread Tyranny RD A devoted student of Hextor’s militant teachings, you are skilled at intimidating and dominating weaker beings.

dnd e – Which feats fit this concept? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

And since you don’t care about her being especially effectivetaking Mnk1 and beating up a sparring dummy of the master AE 30, gp; 40 lbs. Ghost-Touch Spell Gh 34 You know how to tune your damaging spells to affect ghosts without harming other creatures. Art of Fascination OA 60 You claim descent from Kakita Wayozu, whose art was so great it is said that she helped create an alternate world. Deafening Song EL 52 Your bardic music deafens those nearby.

Cold Spell Specialization Fr 47 You do additional damage with cold spells. Heighten Turning LM 27 You can affect more powerful undead with your turning or rebuking attempts.

You can stay underwater far longer than others of your race, and you are at home in the water. Submit a new link.

Obscure Feats

Entangling Spell CR 20 Your spell releases residual eldritch power that entangles your enemies. Bowslinger Und 24 You can ready ranged weapons surprisingly quickly. Extra Slot TB 40 You can cast an extra spell.

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