July 5, 2021

Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –This epic fantasy has at its center a Book 1 of 3 in The Icemark Chronicles (3 Book Series). The Cry of The Icemark is the first novel in the Icemark Trilogy. It follows Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, the year old heir to the throne of. Philip Ardagh gets caught up in Stuart Hill’s epic fantasy, The Cry of the Icemark.

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Seems to me that if you were a king in the clutches of your enemies, you might not want to make a big announcement of that fact. Fans of military fantasy. Really the only believable portion about her was her inability to understand why Oskan’s actions irked her so through the wonderfully rosy glasses of puberty and even that gets old before you’re halfway done with the book because there’s no self examination by the character with which to form the resolution that yes she’s attracted to the boy!

It was fun, engaging, and keeps you interested the whole way. While the book was a little slow in reaching its climax, I was moved by the emotional risks that the author took along the way.

Jul 27, Summer rated it it was ok. Add to it sufficiently original werewolves and vampires – all this looks quite well.

Chicken House Books – Icemark Chronicles 1: The Cry of the Icemark

The plot revolves around thirteen-year-old princess Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, as she must fight to save her small home, the Icemark, from the invading Polypontian Empire.

And then there was the ending.

Wildcat of the North. Oct 26, Mackenzie Hendricks rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author really took the time to bring the cultures of this novel to life. His face was unrecognisable, his hands had completely burned away, his wrists mere stumps that smoked gently She is a warrior with a conscious. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat The text in this book!


There was no character development and from the beginning the adult characters acted and sounded too much like children.

Fantasy fans, military history aficionados. The result is a supremely satisfying read which really deserves to be called a page-turner.

Sep 08, Kari rated it it was amazing. Icemark is a medieval fantasy with a more complex set of characters and a more complex vision of good This was my absolute favorite series when I was about twelve years old.

While the book was a little slow in reaching its climax, I wa I love fantasy books and this one definitely delivered on the goods. The Polypontian empire bears certain similarities to the historical Roman Empire ; many Polyponian names resemble Roman names. As a student his grades were average at best, but he was fortunate to have a teacher who inspired in him a lifelong love of reading.

Also, the voice the story is told in is unique. The element of loss is very evident in this story, and I definitely could appreciate the horrible odds that Thyrrin’s people faced with an enormous invading force pitted against their smaller country. Bottom line, this is no book to waste your time on. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Cry of the Icemark (The Icemark Chronicles: Book 1)

She is a full on proper heroic cty. I also loved his wry sense of humor and the fact that he never took himself too importantly, despite his incredible latent power. Most of the characters were strong and believable, though eclipsed at times by the bulky icemmark. Sometimes icemak dangerous action, especially in the early chapters, came out of nowhere and didn’t seem plausible. Moreover, I was distracted by the feeling t This is a debut novel with strong promises that the author will hone his craft as other books come along.


The Cry of Icemark, truly beautiful! Other books in the series. Jul 23, Nira rated it really liked it Shelves: Cry of the Icemark is the story of young Thirrin, a warrior princess to the land of Icemark.

War of the worlds

Open Preview See a Problem? Thirrin seems nothing more than a arro Starting note: We just stopped reading it near the end.

His title also changes as his true powers become more evident. I bought this book last in a book fair at my school and after reading it, set it aside. Trivia About The Cry of the Ic Full of action, adventure, romance, drama and many others, readers would totally love!

With immense skill and tactics, the Allies manage to continuously bring down the Empire’s numbers. Cry of the Icemark was a stirring military fantasy adventure. And I appreciated that, and I am sure that his younger readers probably do as well. And, once again, he hasn’t let us down.

And I love the Hypolitan women and their society in which the roles between men and women are completely reversed! January 3, Scholastic Audio Books; Icmeark edition: The Allies join in to protect the young queen. The battle scenes were fantastic–thrilling and very well-written. A lesson for Mr. They were such a deadly threat. Hill writes delightful fighting scenes with great detail, and he also carefully develops his characters.

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