September 15, 2021

Find out all of the information about the ESTERLINE product: aircraft flight management system / MCDU CMA FMS. Contact a supplier or the parent. the CMA FMS has been approved for VFR/IFR GPS supplemental navigation in en-route. This document includes Proprietary Information and shall not be. Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC; Hall 1 Stand B60) announced key wins here at Farnborough for its CMA Flight Management System.

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Suitable for harshest environments. We are delighted to have achieved such a major milestone for them. Top Videos Airborne It also accommodates keypanels of various sizes and designs to suit customer needs.

Download Helicopter FMS brochure. It also has the capability to act as a radio management unit. Modern datalink capability is available as a service bulletin.

The CMA is a family of compact FMS variants designed for modern digital cockpits in fixed and rotary wing aircraft for both civil and military applications. Skip to main content. It uses LED backlighting for greater reliability. By telephone at or email at bill midcanada mod. Through a substantial team effort, using the dedicated resources and expertise of both CMC and MC2, we developed a mod that provides a great solution for the aging aircraft.


The installation will consist of a dual CMA flight management system, providing the aircraft with multi-sensor-based navigation and enhanced operational capability. Its graphics engine rotates and scales video and superimposes graphics for display on MFDs in either portrait or landscape mode. Extensive navigation, communications, database, mission and display software.

Large, user friendly 3″ x 5″ fks area with fixed header.

Optional comprehensive Radio Management functions mca a single cockpit unit. Furthermore, a larger Navigation database accommodates the continued growth of navigation data such as airports and airways. Plus multi-processor support for independent or customer designed software applications. The CMA has also been successfully installed and integrated on a number of C aircraft worldwide. This is the first certification of an upgraded flight management system on the Airbus A aircraft.

Andreas Gherman, Lufthansa’s vice-president of technical operations, says the new FMS will allow unrestricted operation of the A fleet for the 90000 future.

Change Display

The CMA is a compact flight management system well suited for modern digital cockpits in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Optional helicopter specific tactical features including bi-directional DMAP interface.

For added flexibility, the CMA also offers multi-processor support for the development of independent or customer designed software applications. Their primary focus is providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets.


Abundant interfaces and spare card slots provide for ease of integration. Its large, single navigation database allows global operations to significantly more destinations than the legacy FMS.

We use cookies and related tracking technologies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site. Representatives with the company say the upgraded As have a much larger navigation database, improved performance optimization and increased datalink capability. Accept Visit our Cookies Policy to learn more about cookies and how to manage your personal preferences.

Lufthansa Selects CMC Electronics’ CMA FMS To Retrofit A Fleet | Aero-News Network

The certification ushers in a new generation of airline FMS retrofits that bring operational efficiency and safety to aircraft, and many productive years of operation. The upgrade is being offered to other Airbus A and A aircraft flying globally. We use cookies and related tracking technologies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site.

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