October 14, 2021

Bill DeSimone is the author of Congruent Exercise: How to Make Weight Training Easier on Your Joints. Bill De Simone. August 20, I. Introduction. A. ‘s bodybuilding lore part of today’s fitness industry. 1. s bodybuilding images. 2. Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone. 1. Congruent Exercise: A Trainer’s Guide To Biomechanics Bill DeSimone ; 2.

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Identify disconnects in concepts and exercises. Again, you have an interesting take here. Fibers in parallel, made up of. Yes, and Congruent Exercise shows you how. Enlightening and very well worth a listen to this well considered man talk about optimising the body. He desimoje a kick out of hearing last night that Mom will be trying it – on purpose.

There are courses for both trainers and trainees.

Congruent Exercise

Nautilus and others have rotational torso machines. In the fall ofboth a one hour roundtable discussion between Bill, Skyler Tannerand Dr.

I mean “not an easy read” in several different senses. You asked some excellent and not commonly addressed questions.

Interview with Bill DeSimone | Corporate Warrior

Due to the lever system, the internal forces are always dramatically higher than the weight in the hand, as I explain in the manual. First tip, write this down: It was the first year for our teacher after returning from ‘Nam and getting his edu degree, and he had some different ideas about how to run a classroom. Full Range of Motion. The following is about half of the presentation, which makes for an introduction to the material I use in the studio Optimal Exercise in Cranbury NJ, and will be publishing in I’ve always had a problem with the specific words used to describe basic concepts.


Well, other than I wish I knew some of these things years ago, and had been smart enough to apply them. Thanks for putting this information out there, Chris. Really fascinating stuff on leverage, human biomechanics and not fucking up your joints completely Could have done with this, pre subscapularis injury: Had my son look at the wall sit pics in the book last night. Christoph marked it as to-read Feb 24, If most non-trainees stayed with leg press-chest press-pulldownthey would probably get most of what they will [ever] get from weight training.

Moment Arm Exercise and the real world Thinking about your principles — of trying to adopt movements which go through the most biomechanically correct joint motions — how do these ideas apply to everyday movements?

Learn how your comment data is processed. Absolutely yesalthough it would have had to be 25 years earlier. During the discussion, I ask Bill about some concerns I had when using push up handles and chin up bars. The best links to the material mentioned above: The book confuses me.

The triceps, I injured in a fall, nothing I could do about that. Bill DeSimone’s new book, Congruent Exercise, is exciting me! Correct; the speed that minimizes momentum is the right speed. Print and kindle is available at this link: Interesting that you should pick up on that. What would you recommend as a congruent exercise?

Bill DeSimone’s new book, Congruent Exercise, is exciting me! Regards from a manual therapist and strength training advocate. That move is basically an isometric contraction of the thighs – in the position of maximum resistance movement arm and maximum muscle torque — but it is an isometric contraction. Recognize the concept behind Maximum Moment Arm.

Bill DeSimone: How To Optimise Muscle Stimulation And Create The Perfect Home Workout Routine

A college football player doing barbell step ups, either twists his ankle coming off the bench or returning to the rack, injures exerciee spine, again putting his ability to walk at risk. The concept of failure for you seems a little different from that normally proposed by the HIT school.


And just a couple of weeks ago I decided my 7-year old son was progressing with his situps so well that I introduced wall sitting for household infractions. I was thinking about someone who is hunched over — the spine is concave and there will be a whole series of additional axes through the vertebrae that could not be there with a more upright posture.

Congruent Exercise: How To Make Weight Training Easier On Your Joints by Bill DeSimone

This talk, and my work in general video, blogs, books is all about Avoiding Injury From Your Workout. The biomechanics are clear: My take on a consolidated routine e. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Bill, may I ask where you would fit the wall sit in your list above? Congruent Exercise is a handbook for safe, sustainable strength training. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One person found this helpful. Bill DeSimone is a personal trainer and presenter known for his joint-friendly, biomechanics-based approach to fitness.

Questions about their methodology aside, a lot of people answered yes, they would take the champion pill even if it killed them. Would it be appropriate to exercise with a very limited ROM as long as congruentt move is around the point of maximum torque and maximum moment arm? Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

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