August 14, 2021

CED Gabay. II. CONCEPTS IN ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING. 1. Role of Measurement and Assessment in teaching De Guzman Santos Rosita, et. ADVANCED METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 2. Rosita De Guzman-Santos, Ph.D. These approaches are classified below (source: Rosita de Guzman-Santos, ): . 1. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate.

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What time is available compared with the workload for preparation?

educational assessment

Kuder-Richardson — KR 20 and KR21 – Consistency of test results when the same test is administered at two different time periods i. Client-centered studies address specific concerns and issues of practitioners and other clients of the study in a particular setting. Evaluation is defined as a systematic, continuous and comprehensive process of determining the growth and progress of the rsoita towards objectives or values of the curriculum.

Objectivist, elite, true evaluation.

Portfolio Assessment doc | Lizlie Laosinguan –

Performance based assessment provides teachers with information about how a student understands and applies bby. Unfortunately, hey only focus on outcomes too narrow to provide basis for determining the value of an object.


This helps ensure a balanced presentation of different perspectives on the issues, but also likely to discourage later cooperation and heighten animosities between contesting parties if “winners” and “losers” emerge. This involvement is more likely to assure the evaluation process reflects course goals and objectives. Is there a need for fo course?

Creating performance criteria serves two purposes. Some questions are listed below: Cognitive Targets Benjamin Bloom proposed a hierarchy of educational objectives at the cognitive level. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate and dependable only if what are to be achieved are clearly stated and feasible. How learnihg the course organized?

educational assessment

How is discipline maintained? Skills, Competencies and Abilities Targets – Skills — specific activities or tasks that a student can proficiently do – Competencies — cluster of skills – Abilities — made up of relate competencies categorized as: Saturday, May 16, Authentic Assessment.

Other documents relating to learning Advance Methods in Educational Assessment. Guzmann-santos obtained through politically controlled studies is released or withheld to meet the special interest of the holder.

Presence of concealment or deception.

They may be suspicious at first; years of conditioning with paper-pencil tests, searching for the single right answer, are not easily undone. These are designed to provide knowledge based for making and defending decisions. Students assume an active role in the assessment process.


They can be used to evaluate reasoning, products, and skills that can be observed and judged using specific criteria. Student performance can be documented in four ways: How can you document student performance?

First, it defines for the student and the teacher what the expectations of the task are. However, this responsive approach can lead to low external credibility and a favorable bias toward those who participated in the study. How many students are there? Evaluation approaches are the various conceptual arrangements made for designing and actually conducting the evaluation process. The CIPP systematizes the way to evaluate the different dimensions and aspects of curriculum development and the sum total of student experiences in the educative process.

However, unless performance-based standards are used, attributes of applicants and the processes they preform often are over-emphasized in relation to measure of outcomes or effects. Subjectivist, mass, true evaluation. What are the learning skills of students? What books do the students have?

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