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Keyboard artist David Schrader, a favorite of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, made his solo recording debut with this CD of harpsichord works. Buy Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango by Antonio Soler, Begoña Uriarte, Karl- Hermann Mrongovius from Amazon’s Classical Music Store. Everyday low prices . Antonio Soler, Scott Ross – Padre Soler: Fandango / 9 Sonates – Music.

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Many people judge music on the basis of its notation and do not know how it sounds. This is the numbering scheme used here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As the maestro de capilla at the Escorial royal palace in Madrid see photo in graphics linkshis duties were many and varied, including teaching and acting as the first organist as well as composing all anronio the music for church services. So one might, with some degree of legitimacy, state that this innovative monastic was one of the earliest microtonalists.

Fandango for keyboard in D minor,… | Details | AllMusic

AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Soler took holy orders at the age of 23, and embarked on an extremely busy routine as a Hieronymite in El Escorial, Madrid with hour workdays, in the course of which he produced more than compositions. Gilber Rowland is also undertaking this magnum opus on the Naxos label. But Rubio stated in his catalog that “we doubt seriously the paternity of Soler ,” citing as evidence “a substantially identical ostinato” by another albeit obscure composer, “in a Fandango with variations for the fortepiano.

Links to other sites of interest are also shown. If your soundcard can use external patches, I recommend that you search the web for a good harpsichord patch and substitute it for the original in order to hear the MIDI files to their best advantage. The longer Cedille Selects track excerpts are designed to provide a representative overview of the album.

Also unique is the use of a basso ostinatoin the form of a twelve note sequence which reappears many times in the left hand, and hypnotic in its effect on the listener. I hope that you enjoy listening to these sonatas as much as I have enjoyed preparing them, in hopes that they will cast some illumination into the shadows of Scarlatti and restore the music of this unique composer to its proper place in the sun.


A long day indeed it was for the Hieronymite monks, beginning with office hours at 5AM and progressing through a series of masses, lessons, recitations of the Stations of the Cross, and finishing at midnight with maitines. Fandango; Sonats para Clave.

The composer rarely allowed his portrait to be painted, presumably due to modesty; this would be commensurate with his character as a man of humility and simple tastes. Of course, the MIDI versions of the sonatas are a pale imitation of performances by professional musicians on real harpsichords; thanks to a growing interest in Soler’s works, there are now numerous excellent CD recordings available. T he most distinguishing, and to some surprising, attributes of Soler’s sonatas are a delightfully uninhibited playfulness and an unabashed exuberance, which itself tells us much more about the man himself than all of the musicological research that has been done.

Rodriguez has likened this to flamenco dancers starting oppositely and finally meeting, with an implicit sexual tension expressed in both tempo and rhythm.

While Scarlatti’s influence on Soler is evident, it is well to note some salient differences in the two composers’ works for keyboard.

Though there may be valid reasons to suspect the truth of sloer theory, still it would be not at all surprising to find that a man of Soler’s wide-ranging interests could compose such a masterpiece. But the names he chose were less oblique than either of those two, whose references were often based on private jokes and archaic language usage the true meaning of which has been obscured by the passage of time.

Soler Main Page

What Soler may have done was borrow or adapt an existing bass line. Details for these CD’s and many others may be found in the linked Soler discography.

As if all of these duties and musical endeavors were not enough to occupy his waking hours, he also found time to invent a tuning box that he called an afinador or templantewhich used plucked strings to divide the 9: Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.


Concertos for 2 Organs; Sonatas; Fandango. Harpsichord Sonatas – Concordance, Dicsography, Miscellaneous. El Diablo vestido de fraile.

Fandango, R.146 (Soler, Antonio)

Igor Kipnis Solo Recordings Problems playing these files? Return to the Chateau Gris Homepage.

A pparently Soler was himself a student, the famous Domenico Scarlatti being among his tutors. Irvin of Glenview, Illinois in Sexy Trippy All Moods. Una matica de ruda. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

There are undeniable similarities in their sonatas, other than the obvious fact that they are mostly in the binary sonata form; both composers delighted in wide leaps, frantic crossings of the hands, and scalar passages in double thirds or sixths. A s did Couperin and Rameau, but not to such a degree, Soler occasionally gave antomio names to his sonatas. Jonathan Woods Plays Harpsichord.

Various colleagues followed suit. Other Links of Interest. P adre Antonio Soler was one of those remarkable historical figures whom we of the twentieth century might find almost unbelievable when regarding what we would call the “output” of his career.

Photo by Andrew Halpern Notes: Six Centuries Of Spanish Music. Similarities, however, include the demand for virtuosic technique, a fondness for syncopations, and a thorough infusion of Spanish folk music. You will also find a link to a concordance that cross-references all of the published editions along with the key of each sonata which information, to my knowledge, has never before appeared as a single collectionas well as to a bibliography, discography, and table of editions of the harpsichord sonatas, graphics pages, and errata.

Then listen to Sonata 40 for contrast. W hich leads us to the music itself. The Infante was a talented student, and many of the harpsichord sonatas were probably composed expressly for him.

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