August 3, 2021

Image for T-Rex Pro 3GX Super Combo from HorizonHobby. + / – Hover over image to Zoom. T-Rex Pro 3GX Super Combo. Overview; Specs; Reviews. Instructions:(T-REX PRO V2): Incorporating the new generation 3GX flybarless system, with enhanced pirouetting compensating routine, and optimized. Pro V2 kxpdf, , 14M. Pro V2 kxjpg, , K. Pro V2 kxpdf, , M.

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Feb 10, BUS system support Built in governor function Maximum working voltage: Mankal order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Originally Posted by gizzo. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.

Use a real email address or you will janual be granted access to the site. Options Quote message in reply? The tail servo is still the original Align one, only the cyclics were changed. Originally Posted by MichiganFlyer. When he fitted the FBL, it was running the stock align swash servos, and flew fine. With built in pirouette compensation function, 3GX is able to stabilize the helicopter on a fixed point during pirouetting maneuvers.

I’ll have to get the manual and go through the setup again I guess. Graphical illustrated instruction on the computer setup software proo the user through a step by step setup process, allowing for quick setups without omitting any steps.

They sure do, but not the one in this thread, and neither the latest V2. It finds info for you. Newly improved low wind resistance specialized flybarless rotor head assembly, with reduced distance between rotor head and frame, effectively lowering the CG for better 3D performance.


Trex Pro V2 3GX Online Manual? – HeliFreak

Originally Posted by ron. Does it look like you have any vibrations? This is clearly noticeable in stable hover as well as highly aerobatic routines. Brand new MX series high efficiency brushless motor, with heat sink style casing and built in cooling fan, effectively increase heat dissipation during operation, improving power output.

Is it possible that by fitting some better servos, the heli will work properly again? Apr 18, Sep 03, Then again there’s the 3GX. Good luck, these kind of problems can be frustrating. Put some load on them with your finger too Customers who bought this product also purchased. The result is a dramatic stability improvement from previous generation, with stability that rivals a flybarred helicopter, yet posses explosive agility.

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Index of /manuals

Originally Posted by NCcraig. In addition, the 3GX can support all of the CCPM swashplate system currently on the market including 90, and degrees swashplates.

BTW Align has all there manuals online. Pirouetting flips type of maneuvers are easily accomplished with precision. Jul 14, Together these features enable smaller helicopters to have control feel that resembles its flybar counterpart. The dramatically improved performance will create immediate impact on any enthusiasts.

Anyway I’ve decided to see trxe it goes with flybar, maybe fork out for some hs65hb’s later on.


Mar 07, Plug them into a servo tester or straight into an Rx and see if they operate properly. Return to Mini Helis. Remember Me Forgot Password?

I’m sure he went through the trexx again, and did whatever it is you need to do with a FBL gyro. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. You should try it!

I found a manual online a while back and can’t find it now. Longer battery mounting plate with integrated ESC mount. Simon by mamual looks of the description that servo may be OK for the tail but not enough torque for a cyclic servo. Unibody main shaft and servo mount, with modified side frame connecting points, simplifying servo replacement and improving ease of maintenance. New aerodynamic canopy with paint scheme resembling the T-Rex E Pro, perfectly matched to the helicopter frame to create aesthetic perfection.

Not sure what the sensor head is. Anyone know servo arm lengths for a FBL setup? Align Manua 3GX. Apr 20, Looks to me like the servo is being used in the wrong application but that doesn’t rule out the Align 3GX system being bad either. I have not been able to find any online manual alogn PDF so am thinking of loading one on myself.

In addition, the screw count has been reduced to minimize assembly and maintenance time.

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