November 22, 2021

Typically, there is also damage to the left occipital lobe, and this combination results in alexia without agraphia (ie, the patient can write but not read).This is. Side, Manifestation, Comments. Neither, Alexia, Splenium of corpus collosum. Contralateral, Visual loss – homonymous hemianopia, Left occipital region. Pure alexia, also known as agnosic alexia or alexia without agraphia or pure word blindness, is one form of alexia which makes up “the peripheral dyslexia”.

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Kufs or not Kufs: The interruption of visual information between the occipital lobe and the dominant angular gyrus causes visual—verbal disconnection.

BrainVolume 96, Issue 2, 1 JunePages —, https: These and other authors have mentioned these rare findings where patients are unable to read agrzphia own handwritten words. Originally released May 4, ; last updated June 14, ; expires June 14, Congenital word- and letter-blindness-congenital alexia, with agraphia, without aphasia.

Approaches towards reducing the risk of thromboembolic disease would likely prevent the development of pure alexia since thromboembolic disease is the most common cause of this syndrome.

Clinical applications of neuropsychological assessment. Support Center Support Center. The rest of his neurological examination including language, sensory, and motor functions were intact. Most cases are due to cerebrovascular accidents from thromboembolic disease wityout the left posterior cerebral artery, which results in an infarct of the left visual cortex and the splenium of the corpus callosum.


The preserved writing ability is attributed to the intact left angular gyrus, as it is the connection pathway which is destroyed with the splenium infarction and not an angular gyrus itself, which obtains its supply from wighout middle cerebral artery. Meanwhile, all the workup for revealing an etiology of the stroke came negative including transthoracic as well as a transesophageal echocardiogram.

This disconnection syndrome is exceptionally rare among acquired neurological deficits in stroke avraphia. Handedness and hemispheric language dominance in healthy humans. Alexia without Agraphia From EyeWiki. Claudia Prospero Ponce, MD.

Alexia without Agraphia – EyeWiki

After these findings, the patient was transferred to Upstate University Hospital for a higher level of care. Original article contributed by: Privacy policy About EyeWiki Disclaimers.

The PCP had ordered his blood test including complete blood count, random blood sugar, basic metabolic panel, and thyroid stimulating hormone. The apexia have declared that no competing interests exist. Don’t have an account? The handbook of the neuropsychology of language.

Alexia without agraphia

Magnetic resonance imaging MRI and computerized tomographic angiography CTA play an essential role in investigating brain withut causing pure alexia [ 2 ]. Dyslexia research Irlen filters Learning Ally Learning problems in childhood cancer Literacy Management of dyslexia Multisensory integration Neuropsychology Reading acquisition Spelling Writing system.

Chichester, West Sussex, UK: Moss of Stanford University has no relevant financial relationships to disclose. Most users should sign in with their email address. Glioblastoma presenting with pure alexia and palinopsia involving the left inferior occipital gyrus and visual word form area evaluated with functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging tractography. At the simplest level, patients seeking rehabilitation are asked to practice reading words aloud repeatedly.


This condition is important as a patient might perceive it as a problem in vision and might consult an ophthalmologist. Discussion Alexia without agraphia is a clinical disconnection syndrome which was first described by Dejerine in followed by Geschwind in Shades of Dejerine–forging a causal link between the visual word form area and reading.

Alexia without agraphia

If you are a subscriber, please log in. Patients with this deficit mostly do have a stroke to the posterior cerebral artery. Walsh F, Hoyt W.

This will hopefully aid in word recognition and promote interactive processing of all available information to support reading. Interestingly, they cannot read what they have just written!

This is meant to stimulate the damaged system of the brain. Studies have highlighted disrupted processing of non-linguistic visual stimuli after damage to the left pFG, both for familiar and unfamiliar objects [18] [19].

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