July 9, 2021

A simplified design and optimization method of aerospike nozzle contour and the results of tests and numerical simulation of aerospike nozzles are presented. advantages of the aerospike nozzle is the ability to achieve thrust vectoring aerodynamically Figure 1 compares two aerospike-based nozzle designs to their. design strategy. Introduction. A multidisciplinary analytic model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle has been developed; this model includes predictions.

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The idea behind the aerospike design is that at low altitude the ambient pressure compresses the exhaust against the spike. Refresh the displayed analysis to the desivn analysis seen during start-up.

Likewise, for the 3-D Minimum Length Nozzle selection the “X” and “Y” coordinates of the contour represent the horizontal and radial dimensions that define the 3-D axisymmetric mesh. Found by interation of Equation 1 and displayed in lower data region.

Aerospike Nozzle and Minimum Length Nozzle Design

In this case the slightly upgraded J-2S engine machinery was used with a linear spike, creating the XRS The purpose of any engine bell is to direct the exhaust of a rocket engine in one direction, generating thrust in the opposite direction. Aerospike Engine Results Compared. In July Firefly Space Systems announced its planned Alpha launcher that uses an aerospike engine for its first stage.

Gas constant of exhaust Rgas: Due to unavailable thruster dimensions and conflicting dimensional and performance information provided by NASA and relevant technical papers this desitn rocket engine analysis is an approximation. Graphically display the outer flow aerospikr for under expanded flow, over expanded flow and the angle of the outer boundary flow. Exhaust recirculation in the base zone of the spike can raise the pressure in that zone to nearly ambient. The value for the ratio of specific heats g are determined from the Units and Gases menus and are passed on to the Aerospike Nozzle program after clicking the Aerospike Nozzle command button on the main start-up screen.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Showing of 8 extracted citations.

When edsign an MLN analysis the only values required are the Inclination angle from the sonic line see aboveDesign Mach number Mdesignand throat diameter Dt. Ambient air pressure also imparts a small pressure against the exhaust, helping to keep it moving in the “right” direction as it exits the engine.

KorteHerbert DunnA. Click the UpDown command button to move a locator from point to point in the flow field.

When this simple modification is performed the exit Area ratio AR becomes 2. For maximum accuracy simply insert 0.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design

Requires QuickTime from Apple. But this rocket design was never launched. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

It belongs to the class of altitude compensating nozzle engines. The design was abandoned after Firefly Space Systems went bankrupt. The bell redirects exhaust moving in the wrong direction so that it generates thrust in the correct direction.


Aerospike engine

In the toroidal aerospike the spike is bowl-shaped with the exhaust exiting in a ring around the outer rim. If the exhaust is allowed to escape in this form, only a small part of the flow aerospile be moving in the correct direction and thus contribute to forward thrust. This article has multiple issues. This plot properly scaled was used as a template. However, no such engine is in commercial production, although some large-scale aerospikes are in testing phases.

Retrieved 30 May A nonlinear computational fluid dynamics code desigm used to calculate the aerodynamic thrust, and a three-dimensional finite-element model is used to determine the structural response and weight. However, sometimes a sharp corner at the throat may be impractical. The Clustered Bell Aerospike Engine: Figure-8 aerospike engine side view. A new company, Firefly Aerospacehas replaced the aerospike engine with a conventional engine in the Alpha 2. For a nearly minimum length nozzle simply specify the streamline from the throat-curve so the curvature lines up with the nozzle wall shape generated by MLN.

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