December 4, 2021

Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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No search term specified. The librarian will then interpret the inquiry and will solicit sufficient background intlligence from the action point in order to provide a document similar in format to that of documents normally entering the system.

The older the profile pattern, the closer an agreement is needed for selection for dissemination, and consequently the fewer documents are selected. Also stored, with each of these profile patterns, is the date of entry.

Hans Peter Luhn

It is surprising that his name and contributions to information handling are largely forgotten. Perhaps the techniques which ultimately find greatest use will bear little resemblance to those now visualized, but some form of automation will ultimately provide an effective answer to business intelligence problems.

Both incoming and internally generated documents are automatically abstracted, characterized by a word pattern, and sent automatically to appropriate action points. After he completed secondary school, Luhn moved to Switzerland to learn the printing trade so he could join the family business. Their use as standard equipment in the future would provide machine-readable records of new information.

Another problem in communication is to discover the person or section within an organization whose interests or activities coincide most closely with a given situation. hana


Hans Peter Luhn – Wikipedia

During the hasn decade significant progress has been made in applying machines to the processes of information retrieval. If a list of the documents retrieved is available, the process of retrieval may be greatly simplified. The techniques proposed here to make these things possible are: Under the supervision of an experienced librarian the process of information retrieval is performed in the following way.

Today, hashing algorithms are essential for many applications such as textual tools, cloud servicesdata-intensive research and cryptography among numerous other uses. Subsequently, a copy of this query pattern is set up in the comparison device and. The selection intellibence specific words may also be accomplished by index lookup.

Our assembly of these functional sections into busines complete system is shown in Fig. In a paper in the IBM Systems JournalHans Peter Luhn describes a system for “selective dissemination” of documents to “action points” based on the “interest profiles” of the individual action points.

Together with proper communication facilities and input-output equipment a comprehensive system may be assembled to accommodate all information problems of an organization. The mechanization of this operation will therefore have to wait until print-reading devices have been perfected.

A Business Intelligence System – Semantic Scholar

An objective of the system is to command attention of the recipient. One of the yans crucial problems in communication is that of channeling a given item of information to those who need to know it. When an action point desires information relative to a given document, the number of the document at hand would be dialed and instructions for search given to the monitor.

July 1, 19 minute read. If an announcement is of interest, and more buslness information on the subject is desired, the system will produce such information on demand. Depending on the age of each of these patterns, an adjustment is made on the fraction of similarity that must be met in the comparison process of new documents.


Before the system operation is described, the buainess Business Intelligence System should be defined and the objectives and principles stated.

Beautiful Data by Toby Segaran, Jeff Hammerbacher

Luhn spent greater and greater amounts of time on the problems of information retrieval and storage faced by libraries and documentation centers, and pioneered the use of data processing equipment in resolving these problems.

Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, ouhn more. This printout is photographically transferred onto the storage medium of the auto-abstract microcopy storag e device.

intellgience The document-output phase deals with internally generated documents. An objective of the Business Intelligence System is to identify related interests by use of profiles of action points.

The microfilm copy is then recopied onto the storage medium of a document microcopy storage device. At the same time the monitor will busines instruct the auto-encoding device to transfer copies of the code patterns of the affected documents to the profile section of pattern storage, together with the identification of the action point involved and the date of transferal.

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